Let yourself be embraced by the warmth of the locals and live unique experiences.


In Winter Apiro attracts visitors thanks to a rich and captivating theatrical season, to the Living Nativity and to the Pasquella.


You must try it and discover its alternative uses in the kitchen! Did you know that, besides being an antibacterial and antibiotic ally of the immune system, it could also be used in cosmetics? Try it in Castelraimondo!


We approach Beauty, with a capital B! Lorenzo Lotto’s “Madonna del Rosario”, housed in the Church of San Domenico in Cingoli, is an unmissable work. An extraordinary canvas, of inestimable value, full of realistic details, that gives those who observe it a strong sense of fulfilment and joy!


Enjoy the “Frostingo“, a sweet with an ancient flavor! You prefer a savoury taste? Local specialties to try in Esanatoglia are pork rinds with beans, legume soups, saffron and tagliatelle with shrimp sauce.


All incurable gourmets, beware! The Fiuminata menu offers cheeses, cured meats, legumes, trout and three unmissable traditional dishes: spindoline – local tagliatelle -, crescia fogliata and rigatoni with sheep’s sauce. Fun fact: one of these three wonderful dishes was mentioned by Mario Soldati in the book “Vino al Vino ”. Find out which one!

Tabernacle of Cerqueto

It’s an unmissable jewel, a work by Lorenzo di Alessandro made at the end of the XV century. The aedicule now housed in the Church of San Giuseppe in Gagliole represents the Madonna enthroned with a sleeping Child.

A bit of "madness"!

Have fun by participating in one of the most entertaining “rites” of the true locals: clear your mind and warm up your leg muscles…3, 2, 1 go! You have to run seven laps around the Matelica fountain to get a characteristic and highly desirable prize: the “patente da mattu”!


Are you looking for a memory of Pioraco that allows you to relive its spirit? You cannot help but buy, then, one of the precious filigree artifacts produced in the extraordinary Gualchiera Prolaquense.

In the mine

A little surprise! Regenerating your mind and body while walking in the greenery of Poggio San Vicino, and heading towards the old entrance to the Valdicastro, you can see the traces of an old manganese mine, a small testimony to the history of the Italian mining industry.

Museum of Borgo Conce

What a nice surprise in San Severino Marche: three museums in one! The complex is located within one of the symbolic places of the city’s industrial archeology and includes the Museum of Electricity Production, the Territory Museum and the Mani, Virtual Museum of the Manufacture.

The enchanted forest

Is this what you are saying? That you do not believe in elves and fairies? In Sefro we are ready to lead you on their trail: with this original path immersed in the green of the trees, step by step you can discover the mysteries and secrets of these little creatures!

"Dolores Prato" Study Center

Hosted by the Municipality Teathre, it collects the manuscripts of one of the greatest pens of the Italian twentieth century, which returned an evocative portrait of Treia in the autobiographical novel “There is no one down the square”.