Saffron stands out for its intense aroma and complex flavor, with floral and slightly bitter notes that blend harmoniously. Each saffron thread is hand-picked with care, following ancient traditions that date back centuries, ensuring the highest quality product.

The cultivation of saffron in this land benefits from an ideal microclimate and nutrient-rich soil, which give the pistils their characteristic bright red color and aromatic potency. Each harvest is a tribute to the dedication and passion of the local farmers, who pass down the techniques and secrets of this precious crop from generation to generation.

Used in traditional dishes of local cuisine, saffron not only enhances flavors but also tells the story and culture of this territory. Whether it’s a fragrant risotto, a refined dessert, or an aromatic beverage, the saffron from this region transforms every preparation into a culinary masterpiece, unique and unrepeatable.

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Zafferano Metelis
Largo Madonna dei Pantani, 4
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