To each wine its flavor; to each flavor its wine. Many are the wine products of the Mountain Union, in particular there are two Wine Cities: Matelica and San Severino Marche.

Wine comes from a grape rich in extracts, aromas and polyphenols, which give life to a product of great structure and complexity, well-disposed to aging, that is the Verdicchio di Matelica. This wine, also marked DOC and DOCG (Protected Designation of Origin), it is a white wine that can also be tasted as a sparkling wine, a reserve wine and passito (straw wine). It can be paired with first and second courses of fish, but it’s excellent also in combination with raw appetizers, cold cuts and white meats.

I Territori di San Severino (DOC) wine, available in four types (red, superior red, passito and moro) is instead a full-bodied wine obtained from Montepulciano vines. It goes very well with tagliatelle with hare sauce and first-course dishes seasoned with red meat sauce, but also with white and red meats, game and medium-aged cheeses.