Verdicchio di Matelica

Verdicchio di Matelica

Verdicchio di Matelica

Verdicchio di Matelica is a DOC (Protected Designation of Origin) wine since July 21, 1967. The production area of the Verdicchio di Matelica (DOC) can be found in the valley between Mount San Vicino to the East, the chain of Mount Catria to the West and the Sibillini Mountains to the South, surrounded by the bed of the River Esino. This valley is the only one in the Marche region to be parallel to the sea with a North-South layout, unlike others that are open to the sea in an East-West exposure.

This orographic peculiarity generates a series of favorable microclimates, extremely beneficial for viticulture. In particular, vines resist to strong temperature excursions between winter and summer by physiologically reducing grape production, to the benefit of the maturative phase. Soils are not particularly fertile but they are irrigated by a regular distribution of rains throughout the year. The vineyards benefit from an excellent exposure, ventilation is constant, brightness and heat also contribute to create an optimal environment for the vegetative cycle of the vine. In this way, the fruit assimilates valuable organic components to the max. The result is a grape very rich in extracts, primary aromas, sugars and polyphenols, which results in a very robust wine. By virtue of its characteristic long maturation, the Verdicchio di Matelica is defined by some as a “red wine dressed in white”.

The skilful work of the producers, aimed at enhancing the “typicality” of the region, together with the use of the most modern winemaking technologies, have brought this wine to the highest levels of national oenology.

In the national wine scene Verdicchio di Matelica is one of the few white wines that can boast a completely native wine history, it is truly an Italian product of great thickness, recognized in all guides as a great white wine conservative of the true flavor of Mediterranean wine products.

Verdicchio di Matelica DOC must be obtained from the grapes of the Verdicchio grape variety, grapes from the Trebbiano Tuscan and Malvasia Toscana grape varieties can also contribute to production to a level not exceeding 15 % of the total.

The native bunch is conical and cylindrical, sparse or semi-sparse, with medium berries with a thin skin, yellowish green and differs from the hyesino one which vice versa is tightened. The most common cultural technique is the espalier with a “Gujot” or “double upside down” breeding system.

Verdicchio di Matelica on the nose is fragrant, fine, fresh and fruity; you can recognize hints of apple, hawthorn and broom.

The taste is dry, fresh with a persistent aftertaste of bitter almond.

Visually it is clear with straw yellow color and greenish reflections, the minimum overall alcohol content is 11.5 degrees, the total acidity can fluctuate from 5 to 7 per thousand.

This wine lends itself to all the needs of the meal, much appreciated both as a sparkling wine and as an aperitif, it goes well with lean or fish appetizers, first courses and risottos and second courses based on fish. It can be tasted with aged pecorino cheeses and sweet unleavened dough.


Meet the producers:


Località Colle Stefano, 3
347 3668345 – 0737 640439

Le Stroppigliose
Località Stroppigliosi, 9
Alessandra 329 5877914 – Andrea 366 7043521

Tenuta Piano di Rustano
Loc. Piano di Rustano, 5
0737 641106 – 339 3217530



Via Fogliano, 120
0737 787490

Fattoria La Monacesca
Contrada Monacesca
0733 672641

Azienda Agricola Casa Lucciola
Vocabolo Casalucciola, 42
338 1783572

Cantine Belisario
Via Merloni, 12
0737 787247

Società Agricola Gagliardi
Via A. Merloni, 5
0737 85611

Tenuta Colpaola
Località Colpaola n. 37
0737 768300

Tenuta Grimaldi
Loc. Terricoli, 270           
0737 685616

Villa Collepere
Via Collepere
339 3859243 – 338 4371678

Località Piannè
0737 786340 – 347 4054327

Da Foschetta
Vocabolo Acquaviva, 569
334 2697407

Borgo Paglianetto
Località Pagliano, 393
0737 85465 – 346 7250920

Cantine Provima
Via Raffaello, 1/C
0737 84013

Vigneto Fernando Alberto
Vocabolo Sant’Oliviero, 465
336 726819

Cantina Cavalieri
Via Raffaello, 1
0737 685213 – 340 339 3722 – 340 274 7331


Taste it here:


Foyer del Teatro
Via Umberto I, 22
348 886 8022

La Petriola
Piazza Enrico Mattei, 23
345 768 0790

Secondo Tempo
Via Beata Mattia, 33       
0737 787882


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