Verdicchio di Matelica is a DOC (Protected Designation of Origin) wine since July 21, 1967. The production area of the Verdicchio di Matelica (DOC) can be found in the valley between Mount San Vicino to the East, the chain of Mount Catria to the West and the Sibillini Mountains to the South, surrounded by the bed of the River Esino. This valley is the only one in the Marche region to be parallel to the sea with a North-South layout, unlike others that are open to the sea in an East-West exposure.

This orographic peculiarity generates a series of favorable microclimates, extremely beneficial for viticulture. In particular, vines resist to strong temperature excursions between winter and summer by physiologically reducing grape production, to the benefit of the maturative phase. Soils are not particularly fertile but they are irrigated by a regular distribution of rains throughout the year. The vineyards benefit from an excellent exposure, ventilation is constant, brightness and heat also contribute to create an optimal environment for the vegetative cycle of the vine. In this way, the fruit assimilates valuable organic components to the max. The result is a grape very rich in extracts, primary aromas, sugars and polyphenols, which results in a very robust wine. By virtue of its characteristic long maturation, the Verdicchio di Matelica is defined by some as a “red wine dressed in white”.

The skilful work of the producers, aimed at enhancing the “typicality” of the region, together with the use of the most modern winemaking technologies, have brought this wine to the highest levels of national oenology.