The torritory’s reference points for this golden product are the city of Matelica, which also falls among the Cities of Honey, and the city of Castelraimondo for the production of high-quality wax.

Actually, honey in spread throughout the whole region. The rolling hills provide bees with a large amount of nectar. Particularly, the Millefiori honey is one of the finest types, with an incredibly surprising and varied personality. But also the Melata di quercia (oak honeydew), typically from the Matelica area, is of remarkable quality.

Honey is a food that has accompanied man from prehistoric times until today. The first evidence of the encounter with man dates back to about 10 million years ago, back to the Neolithic age. It is a rock painting found in Valencia in a cave called “Araña Caves”, which depicts a man climbing a tree or a cliff surrounded by bees.

Bees collect nectar from flowers and then transform it into honey for survival. Bees are the only pollinating insects that lay up provisions for winter. Honey is naturally produced by bees, and today about 300 types of honey are recognized, they vary based on the nectar that bees forage from different flowers.

Honey is a super-food for both bees and humans for this reason. Since ancient times, man has used it as a natural medicine. In late spring and summer when the blooms are at their peak, beekeepers place supers above the bees’ nest, that is boxes with frames of wax that are used to collect the honey that the bees produce in excess of their needs, therefore without taking away from the bees what is necessary for their sustenance. When the supers are filled and capped by bees, that is sealed with a layer of wax, it means that the honey is ripe and can be extracted and packaged.

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Azienda Agraria Ramazzotti
Viale Madonna della Figura, 6
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Cooperativa Apicoltori Montanari
Località Salomone, 437
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Fattoria Felette
Voc. Felette, 594/A
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San Severino Marche

Agriapicoltura di Emanuele Agrifoglio
Via Settempeda
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Il miele dei principi
Via della Noce, 3
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Bacchi Quinto Eredi Apicoltura
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