Craft beer

Craft beer

This territory has rediscovered a taste for producing craft beer, made with passion, effort and a lot of imagination by the masters of this sector.

It is an unpasteurized and unfiltered product which maintains all the components that contribute to forming an organoleptic profile, rich in aromas and flavors.

Craft breweries use natural ingredients, with barley and hops mainly from the territory to which they belong. Beer is mainly produced with barley malt and/or wheat malt, basic elements to which hops, yeast and water are added.

Meet the producers:

San Severino Marche

Birrificio Agricolo L’Ultimo Piceno
Località Serrone
338 8009589


Taste it here:


Ludwig Strasse
Corso Italia, 65/69            
331 2764941

San Severino Marche

L’insolito Ritrovo
Via Ferrante Ferranti, 4
0733 637595


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