Hemp has returned to Cingoli after a long time. It grows rapidly in a 100% natural way, to make room for other crops. The nutritional properties of its seeds make it a healthy remedy for your meals, while its flowers are used in medicine. The seeds are naturally rich in trace elements and essential Omega-3 […]


In Cingoli the production of flour with natural stone millstones is a unique speciality. Stone grinding is one of the oldest methods used to produce excellent-quality flour. In particular, to ensure the excellent quality of the final product, it is the combination of water-powered stone grinding and the work of the millers. Furthermore, thanks to […]

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

Cingoli is one of the municipalities that can boast the production of one of the most iconic wines of the Marche region, the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. The production area is among the oldest and for this reason it boasts the name of Classico. In Cingoli it is limited to the northern bank of […]

Visciola wine

The Visciola wine is a typical drink of the Marche region served with desserts. It is flavored with the Visciola, a small, wild cherry belonging to the Prunus Cerasus family. Cingoli harbors an excellent production of this wine. The sour cherries have a dark, red color and a sour taste, they are harvested in the […]

Verdicchio di Matelica

Verdicchio di Matelica is a DOC (Protected Designation of Origin) wine since July 21, 1967. The production area of the Verdicchio di Matelica (DOC) can be found in the valley between Mount San Vicino to the East, the chain of Mount Catria to the West and the Sibillini Mountains to the South, surrounded by the […]

Laverino Bean

Laverino is a small town of just one hundred inhabitants set in the Marche mountains near the border with Umbria, on the Cornello pass. Right here, in the fertile soils lapped by the Potenza River, this bean arrived in the Marche region and found its ideal habitat in the 16th century thanks to the Spanish […]


In many places the Lentil of Castelluccio (PGI) is considered the undisputed queen of agriculture and cuisine. It is characterized by its varied color, from mottled green to light brown. Its unmistakable flavor, its extremely small size, its resistance to pests and the exclusively organic cultivation make it a highly sought-after product, as well as the basis […]


The torritory’s reference points for this golden product are the city of Matelica, which also falls among the Cities of Honey, and the city of Castelraimondo for the production of high-quality wax. Actually, honey in spread throughout the whole region. The rolling hills provide bees with a large amount of nectar. Particularly, the Millefiori honey […]

Red Potato

Among the municipalities of the Unione Montana, Sefro is dedicated to the cultivation of the red potato of Colfiorito, awarded with the European GPI mark in 2015. Unlike white potatoes, red ones are particularly suitable for the climatic and environmental conditions of the Apennine highlands. The soil’s peculiarities contribute decisively to their growth, their chemical […]


The oil of this territory is characterized by an almost infinite combination of nuances and aromas, for which every taste becomes a unique and unrepeatable moment. It is distinguished by a medium-light fruity, with a taste that tends to be sweet with notes of bitterness and spicyness. In addition, its cultivation and milling have very […]


To each wine its flavor; to each flavor its wine. Many are the wine products of the Mountain Union, in particular there are two Wine Cities: Matelica and San Severino Marche. Wine comes from a grape rich in extracts, aromas and polyphenols, which give life to a product of great structure and complexity, well-disposed to […]


This territory has rediscovered a taste for producing craft beer, made with passion, effort and a lot of imagination by the masters of this sector. It is an unpasteurized and unfiltered product which maintains all the components that contribute to forming an organoleptic profile, rich in aromas and flavors. Craft breweries use natural ingredients, with barley and hops mainly […]


Pecorino dei Monti Sibillini is one of the typical products of Macerata’s territory (therefore also of the Mountain Union) counted among the Slow Food presidia, aimed at supporting small traditional productions through the enhancement of the territories, the recovery of ancient crafts and processing techniques. In addition, this acknowledgement also supports native breeds and varieties of […]