Typical Products

Cuore di Marche is a surprising land that has managed to maintain that somewhat secluded atmosphere that smacks of traditions and respect for its past.

Discover all the excellences of the local food and wine heritage.


Saffron stands out for its intense aroma and complex flavor, with floral and slightly bitter notes that blend harmoniously. Each saffron thread is hand-picked with

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The pristine waters of the rivers and streams of the Valnerina, Marche, have increasingly harboured trout farming, making this fish a true local specialty. The

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Hemp has returned to Cingoli after a long time. It grows rapidly in a 100% natural way, to make room for other crops. The nutritional

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Visciola wine

The Visciola wine is a typical beverage of the Marche region, tipically served with desserts. It is flavored with the Visciola, a small, wild cherry

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Laverino Bean

Laverino is a small town of just one hundred inhabitants set in the Marche mountains near the border with Umbria, on the Cornello pass. Right

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In many places the Lentil of Castelluccio (PGI) is considered the undisputed queen of agriculture and cuisine. It is characterized by its varied color, from mottled green

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The torritory’s reference points for this golden product are the city of Matelica, which also falls among the Cities of Honey, and the city of

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The oil of this territory is characterized by an almost infinite combination of nuances and aromas, for which every taste becomes a unique and unrepeatable

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Craft beer

This territory has rediscovered a taste for producing craft beer, made with passion, effort and a lot of imagination by the masters of this sector. It

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Pecorino dei Monti Sibillini is one of the typical products of Macerata’s territory (therefore also of the Mountain Union) counted among the Slow Food presidia, aimed

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