Summer in the Heart of the Marche region

To regain harmony with the world.

Too hot!

If the sun is hot, the solution is to dive into one of the many swimming pools of the Apiro water park: in the shade of a centuries-old pine forest you will find refreshment and also enjoy the splendid view of the valley!


For a great aperitif while enjoying the colors of the sunset in Castelraimondo, dive into a glass of this traditional wine strongly linked to the territory. It comes from grapes with a greenish hue, even when they are fully ripe, and the wine has the same peculiar color. Its aromatic profile is extremely complex, characterized by an almondy and savory finish. Cheers!


The hikes in the woods of Cingoli are suggestive and unforgettable. Let’s take a deep breath and walk along the paths of Tassinete, S. Bonfilio, Fosso delle scalette and, a little further on, along the path from the Rio Valley up to Mount Acuto!

Gina Libani Repetti Cross track

It is one of Italy’s ancient tracks. Located in Esanatoglia between two cliffs, the track is characterized by uphills and downhills and counter-slope curves. A treat for cross enthusiasts!


The area of Fiuminata offers an incredible variety of landscapes. Set off to discover the many caves, water springs, forests and grasslands. Do not forget to visit the floodplains of the River Potenza.

Natural History Museum

Let’s get going! What is the destination? Gagliole, where you can grasp all the knowledge on the evolution of life on Earth! All ages and periods are represented in this breathtaking exhibition space.!


It is a delightful village within the municipality of Matelica of about 150 inhabitants and decorated with over 70 murals. While walking around the houses and barns, you can see colourful drawings by the students of the Academy of Macerata and the Academy of Brera, with the participation of artists from all over the world.

River Shrimp Festival (Sagra del Gambero di fiume)

In August, in Pioraco do not miss this event with food stands open for lunch and dinner, which pays tribute to one of the most incredible delicacies of the territory – a crustacean of unique sweetness and flavour.

The "Piccolo Borgo in Festa" Festival

Take part in this event between August and September that animates the streets of Poggio San Vicino with pleasant moments of entertainment.

The Tibet of the Marche region

If you are in San Severino Marche do not miss Elcito, a village perched on the slopes of Mount San Vicino. The surrounding landscapes and the conformation of the village itself, which looks like it was carved into the rock, make this place truly impressive.


Breathe in deeply and let’s get going! In Sefro awaiting us are the suggestive scenery of the Montelago Plateau, the Blessed Bernardo’s Caves (Caves of Beato Bernardo) and the Scurosa Valley, with its beech woods and enchanted forest!

Challenge of the bracelet (Disfida del Bracciale)

It has been held in Treia on the first Sunday of August since 1978. It consists in a tournament that involves teams from the four city districts in the conquest of a palio and a trophy to be kept throughout the year. From ten days proir to the event the village dresses up with taverns offering typical dishes, artisan shops selling their products, painting and sculpture workshops and itinerant shows.