Artistic Nativity Scene

Around the Christmas holidays, Gagliole invites everyone to visit a small but lovely detailed nativity scene. The whole scene is enhanced by scenic movements and effects. Besides the event’s Facebook page, it’s possible to visit their Instagram account.

Christmas Light

On December 8th, the Christmas holidays kick off in Fiuminata with a Christmas-themed market and Santa’s wishes. The Christmas tree is lit and decorated entirely by the hands of the women of the town.

Artistic Altar of the Candles

Traditionally, for two days prior to the carnival, the Artistic Altar of the Candles (Altare Artistico dei Ceri) is set up every year in the hamlet of Frontale, municipality of Apiro. The monstrance with the consecrated host is placed on an altar for Eucharistic adoration. The altar is specifically set up with hundreds of candles, […]

Live Nativity Scene

The re-enactment of the Nativity scene in an original, varied and detailed way. A unique way to enhance the small historic center of Apiro thanks to the organization of the Pro Loco Apiro.