Spring Days

Hidden blooms, walks in nature and outdoor activities:
live this fine season!

Take a rest in the green

If rest is what you seek, in Apiro you have to take advantage of a stop at the campsite Pian dell’Elmo: you can enjoy the tranquility of the mountain and then choose to try your hand at climbing the summit of Mount San Vicino and organize an excursion to discover uncontaminated gorges and corners … and why not, even on horseback!

The infiorata

On the day of Corpus Domini, an explosion of colors floods the main street of Castelraimondo, in a path of great emotional impact. Admire the show at night and you will feel like you are in a movie set!

Get on the balcony!

Yes, you heard that right! Because Cingoli is the “Balcony of the Marche” region! From this enchanting position you have access to vast landscapes, and you will be able to paraphrase what the painter Donatello Stefanucci said in one of his famous paintings: the heart opens up and fills with wonder!

Ancient towers

Enjoy a tour to discover the seven bell towers of the village and visit “Lu Roccone” (the Rocca del Castrum), an ancient watchtower and fortification from the thirteenth century located inEsanatoglia.


In Fiuminata do not miss the Rocca di Santa Lucia (Fortress of St. Lucia), also known as Rocca “di Laverino”, built in 1020, nor the one of Spindoli, positioned on a high spur, presumably dating back to the 14th century and abandoned two centuries later. Then, enjoy a picnic on the banks of the River Potenza.

Between Spirituality and Nature

A hike in the Elce Valley near Gagliole allows visitors to see a part of nature that is barely polluted by the presence of man, taking the easy-to-follow nature trails that partly replicate the secular Franciscan path that linked Assisi to Loreto.


It goes without saying that the knowledge of a place is also possible through the experimentation of its flavours. Then, when in Matelica you must indulge in the tasting of a good glass of Verdicchio! This white wine, certified with DOC (controlled designation of origin) and DOCG (controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) labels, is actually a gem of the territory, as it comes from a native vine known throughout the world for the quality of its fruit!

Li Vurgacci!

This path, which winds on wooden bridges and wooden walkways, combines the beauty of nature with its proximity to the old town center. It begins where the waters of the River Potenza cross Pioraco, in the place where a series of waterfalls, vortexes, pits and gorges created from years and years of erosion come to life, almost by magic. Here there are also some rest areas where you can stop for a nice picnic.

Path of the valley of the water mills

All the charm of a not-too-distant past unfolds along this path among the ancient buildings used to grind wheat in the territory of Poggio San Vicino. The path follows the remains of two mills and a third that has been renovated and is now being used as a B&B.. The three sites are connected by the same channel of water that flows into the San Clemente Valley, which houses two other mills.


Discover the natural wonders of San Severino Marche through hiking or cycling paths, crossing the many hilly paths or wandering through the woods, beech forests, like in the Nature Reserve of Mt. San Vicino and Mt. Canfaito, and through the ancient ways of faith: the Via Lauretana and the Via Francescana.

Plenty of trout!

This territory is a renowned fishing district, notoriously rich in rivers and fish. in particular, the trout in Sefro is the absolute protagonist of unmissable events for those who love these flavours, such as La Trota e il Verdicchio (The Trout and the Verdicchio in May).

Strolling around

Enjoy Piazza della Repubblica (Republic’s Square) in the historic center of Treia: one of the most beautiful squares in the Marche region, while tasting Treia’s traditional calcione (pastry stuffed with cheese). Go on an andventure and discover the outstanding palaces that surround the square.