Sport and Nature

Nature is the sovereign of this surprising and incredibly varied territory. Those who come here cannot remain indifferent to the landscapes revealed at every glance.

The landscape is in fact presented in its most beautiful declinations: mountains, plateaus and hills, water springs, rivers and lakes.

Several natural reserves and an environmental education center aim at preserving nature. Here there are numerous activities that can be carried out at any time of the year and in complete harmony with the territory, from trekking on the snow or trekking on hiking trails, to cycle tourism, to hang gliding and much, much more.

Come and discover a varied and generous nature: there are plenty of ways to do so!


Trekking routes

Reserve Mt. San Vicino – Canfaito

Ancient Via Romano Lauretana

Charming places

Bike trails

Sports and equipment rental

Nordic Walking Park

Cammino dei Forti

The Chienti and Potenza Cycle Route

Discovering a territory means visiting its places, getting to know its art, people, streets and colors.
The entirety of the Marche region offers extremely varied itineraries, to be experienced at any time of the year.
Don’t miss out on the region’s most fascinating outdoor routes!