Serpe di Cingoli

Serpe di Cingoli

Serpe di Cingoli

The Serpe di Cingoli is a snake-shaped dessert from the Christmas tradition, which popular imagination has associated with this animal, guilty of having instigated man and woman to commit the original sin.

For the external pastry of the Serpe di Cingoli, you need wheat flour, egg yolks, milk, granulated sugar, vegetable margarine, lemon, vanilla and yeast.

Preparing the filling requires blanched, peeled and crumbled almonds and walnuts; you need to whisk the egg whites until stiff and then add sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, grated lemon and a little milk to make the dough softer.

Then the pastry is prepared using flour, eggs, sugar, margarine, yeast, grated lemon and possibly even a little milk.

Then the Serpe is baked in the oven.

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