The richness of the local food and wine, combined with the creativity of the local community, have given rise to a variety of recipes to be savored, handed down from generation to generation.

Meat, freshwater fish, vegetarian dishes.

Discover the recipes that have made and continue to make the history of this land!
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Frecantò, fricandò, or fricò di verdure: these are only some of the variants of this traditional dish of the Marche region, which consists of a

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Ciambelline (Donuts) are bakery products typically eaten in autumn. They are usually made with crushed aniseed or with grape must. They are typically served for

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“Cavallucci” are a typical dessert of the Marche region. The vergare (matrons) prepared them especially in winter. The name derives from the shape that resembles

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Serpe di Cingoli

The Serpe di Cingoli is a snake-shaped dessert from the Christmas tradition, which popular imagination has associated with this animal, guilty of having instigated man

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It is a typical specialty of the Marche region, widespread especially in the hinterland between the provinces of Ancona and Macerata. Formerly considered the bread

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Dish linked to the culinary tradition of the hamlet of Cesolo, is a mixture of flour, yeast, water and salt. The ingredients are processed on

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Fried Custard

These are cubes of custard left to firm, breaded and fried. Unmissable on the tables placed at the feast of the Marche families, it is

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It is the Christmas dessert par excellence throughout the Marche area. It is an ancient dessert, the preparation of which was even mentioned by Pliny

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Pollo in Potacchio

Pollo in Potacchio (Potacchio-style chicken) is free-range chicken cooked in a sauce made with white wine, tomato sauce, olive oil, onion, garlic and rosemary. The recipe is

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Undisputed rulers of the Ancona and Macerata’s culinary tradition, the Vincisgrassi are often degraded to mere “lasagne”, thus mistreating its ancient history and the uniqueness

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