Music and theaters: curtains up!

Music and theaters: curtains up!

Music and theaters: curtains up!

Cuore di Marche is a network of art cities and historical towns mounted on neatly cultivated crops, blue sea and green hills, home to extremely valuable museums, libraries and art collections. The land of treasured historical theaters: every village proudly offering their own.

A fascinating trip, accompanied by a theater director who will bring to light the anecdotes behind every scenography and curtain.

You will take part in exclusive performances and art exhibitions, and you discover the true meaning of “behind the curtains”. You will live the magic of theatre in first person.

Quick Info

Price:  a partire da €170 pp
Duration:  min. 2 days, max. 10 days
Disponibility:  all the year
Organizer:  Marche Wellbeing (Direzione tecnica Globe Inside Srl)

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