The Church of the Madonna della Misericordia dates back to the end of the 15th century. Between 1780 and 1787, according to the design of the architect Pietro Augustoni (1741-1815), the church was rebuilt and enlarged. The stucco decorations, the altar chapels, the niches and the statues were made by the sculptor Lorenzo Bernasconi. In 1920-21 there were other consolidation works by the architect Giuseppe Rossi of Macerata. The pictorial decorations of the tondi in the vault, the pendentives the walls of the nave date back to the same period by the painter Ciro Pavisa. Inside the sanctuary there is a valuable statue in polychrome wood representing the Madonna with the child (locally known as Our Lady of Mercy), by the sculptor Giovanni Antonio (Giannantonio) from Lucoli (Abruzzo), who lived in this area between 1508 and 1537.