Fotogrammi – Mafalda Minnozzi

Una serie di fermimmagine di scena di vita e musica di una grande artista, ambasciatrice della canzone italiana nel mondo. La cantante Mafalda Minnozzi torna a raccontarsi. E lo fa a modo suo, con la magia che da sempre la contraddistingue e che tanta empatia suscita nel pubblico. Grazie a un’idea del suo compagno e […]

From Bach to Klezmer

Domani, sabato 16 luglio, alle 21,30 VI ASPETTIAMO per un altro splendido concerto a San Severino presso il cortile del Palazzo Vescovile g.c. con il duo Massimo Mazzoni e Christian Riganelli (sassofono e fisarmonica), musiche da Bach al Novecento, concerto organizzato dall’Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana. L’occasione è imperdibile anche per visitare gratuitamente, dopo il concerto, il […]

“Zaino in Spalla” … per Buca d’Aria

DEDICATA A STEFANO 3°edizione che San Severino e Serrapetrona organizzano per il 3° anno consecutivo, tra Buca d’Aria e la Chiesa della Madonna della neve. Ci sarà da stare insieme in allegria anche per il momento conviviale, coniugando la voglia di camminare, l’aspetto scientifico dell’iniziativa, l’intermezzo musicale legato alla tradizione del nostro territorio e…un momento […]

Circo El Grito

San Severino Marche will sponsor the birth of the first multidisciplinary international production center linked to contemporary circus. Called Sic, Stabile di Innovazione Circense, it will become effective on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Circo El Grito. During its first year of activity, more than 170 shows will be performed, both in-house productions […]

Hike to Treia’s Roccaccia with aperitif at sunset

A balcony on the entire province of Macerata and even further, desired by many since 12th century: this will be our destination, between panoramas and history. At first, we will go down 400 steps to reach the famous caves of Santa Sperandia, one of the patron saints of Cingoli who lived in this unpleasant site […]

Wednesdays for bike lovers

Every Wednesday in July and August, jump on your e-bike and come for a ride. One of our guide will lead you to the discovery of a territory that is highly suitable for cycle-tourism. You will reach Treia’s most characteristic sites. An itinerary that follows the gravel roads between the village and its countryside, view […]

Risorgimarche Events


Risorgi Marche finally arrived in Esanatoglia! Discover the village and its surrounding nature through guided tours, designed both for trekking and e-bike. It is also possible to reserve a bus seat to get to Esanatoglia from the coast: Bus service Porto Sant’Elpidio – Esanatoglia Bus stops:• Civitanova Marche• Corridonia• Tolentino• San Severino Marche For more […]

Galassica – Astronomy Festival


Live an out-of-this-world experience with Galassica, a project by Nemesis Planetarium, an association from the Marche region committed in scientific dissemination. The project sees the collaboration of the University of Camerino. The objective of the Festival is to promote Astronomy as an ever-changing, scientific discipline. GFor its fifth edition, the Festival will take place from […]

Tuesday Market

Many stands selling fancy goods, artistic antiques, collectibles and modern items, will fill and brighten up the streets of the historic center. Every Tuesday from the end of July until the end of August, from 16.00 to 24.00.

Motorcycle rally

It is a real motorcycle rally (motoraduno) with the aim of gathering all motorcycle enthusiasts and a way of boasting these jewels on two wheels. Moreover, those who join the motoraduno have the opportunity to take part in sightseeing tours organized by the Motoclub of Apiro.

Cingoli 1848

The event aims to retrace the historical traditions of Cingoli during the Romantic period. It is a reinterpretation of the lifestyles of the people and the noble elite of the time. The focal point is the game of the ball and the bracelet, a real challenge between three representatives of the three districts (called “terzieri”) […]

Castrum Galli

The Medieval historical re-enactment “Castrum Galli” takes place at the end of July. During the event you will experience a particularly suggestive scenario, the city of Gagliole going back to its original ancient atmosphere thanks to medieval camps, field of arms, minstrels, fire eaters, court jesters and itinerant shows. The city center gets completely cleared […]

Chop Festival

An event full of good food in Gagliole, in the company of the most wonderful Italian dance music orchestras, with a lot happy people with the sole purpose of having fun and spending a few carefree hours with friends.

Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia

The Encuentro Amigos de Partagas en Italia is realized with the collaboration of Cigar Club Matelica and Diadema S.p.a.. It boasts the patronage of the Municipality of Matelica, the Marche region and the Embassy of Cuba in Italy. The Consortium of Producers of the Verdicchio di Matelica wine, the Mintur Cuba-Si and many other business […]

International Festival of the Folklore

The International Festival of Folklore represents a meeting between different cultures and religions. A magnificent show full of sounds, colours, dances and voices from all over the world. For more information, you can visit the event’s website.

San Severino Blues Festival

This festival is one of the most famous events of the music scene in central Italy and from 1991 it has seen performances of the world’s greatest blues, rock and soul singers, such as Patti Smith, Joe Louis Walker, Nora Jean Bruso and Lurrie Bell.

Challenge of the Bracelet

Derived from the game of the rope ball, the game of the ball and the bracelet is one of the oldest Italian national sports. It is played in teams of three: one battitore (hitter), one spalla (shoulder) and one terzino (fullback). The aim is to beat a ball from one half of the field to […]

Fermento Festival

It is the Festival of Craft Beers, which is held in the city center of Treia, generally in July. The main attractions are craft beers, accompanied by street-food and entertainment by numerous musical groups and street artists.