RisorgiMarche – Dargen D’amico

After Samuele Bersani, Simone Cristicchi, Jovanotti, Stefano Bollani, and Lucio Corsi, the RisorgiMarche festival brings an exceptional artist to San Severino Marche. Monday, August 1st, accompanied by musicians Edwyn Roberts, Gianluigi Fazio and multi-instrumentalist Diego Maggi, the eclectic Dargen D’Amico, author of the Sanremo hit “Dove si balla”, will come to San Lorenzo’s Roccaccia, near […]

Hike to Treia’s Roccaccia with aperitif at sunset

A balcony on the entire province of Macerata and even further, desired by many since 12th century: this will be our destination, between panoramas and history. At first, we will go down 400 steps to reach the famous caves of Santa Sperandia, one of the patron saints of Cingoli who lived in this unpleasant site […]

Wednesdays for bike lovers

Every Wednesday in July and August, jump on your e-bike and come for a ride. One of our guide will lead you to the discovery of a territory that is highly suitable for cycle-tourism. You will reach Treia’s most characteristic sites. An itinerary that follows the gravel roads between the village and its countryside, view […]

Trekking towards Montelago Celtic Night Festival

A hike towards the lone mountain. Towering the karst plateaus of Montelago and Colfiorito, Mount Pennino presents several gottoes and crystal-clear waters. From Castelraimondo, we will visit the paper mills in Pioraco walking along the “Li Vurgacci” panoramic trail. We will then proceed towards Sefro and the Valle Scurosa Refuge walking along the Path of […]

Tuesday Market

Many stands selling fancy goods, artistic antiques, collectibles and modern items, will fill and brighten up the streets of the historic center. Every Tuesday from the end of July until the end of August, from 16.00 to 24.00.

Fisorchestra in Cingoli

The music of the Fisorchestra Marchigiana arrives in Cingoli, in the evocative space of the Hortus of the Ascariana Municipal Library, on August 6, 2021, at 9.15 pm. The “#MarcheinVita” project,  the live show for the rebirth of the territory after the earthquake will make a stop in Cingoli. It is a project carried out […]

Terranostra Festival

Every year, from 8 to 15 August, the town of Apiro hosts several folk groups from different parts of the world who, with their music and their colors, become ambassadors of international customs and traditions, offering the best of their popular traditions.

March of the 4 Bridges and Crescia Fogliata Festival

In Pontile, municipality of Fiuminata, you can find a combination of sport and gastronomy along the gorges of the River Potenza. First, internationally renowned athletes compete for the race, and then they enjoy the typical local dessert on the first weekend of August. For more information about March of the 4 Brideges, you can visit […]

“Sirio Castellucci” Cup

A historic cycling race of the Alta Valle of River Potenza (for under-18) that takes place annually on August 15th along the city street.

Assunta Fair

The historic Assunta Fair held on August 14 fills the streets of Fiuminata with market stands, with people coming and going in every direction to buy different products. It is a moment of celebration in which a considerable number of exhibitors and visitors take part.

Starry Pathways in Fiuminata’s Sky

Two themed evenings with researcher and astronomer Fabrizio Vitali, who has been engaging in scientific dissemination for years. As per tradition, the second appointment is dedicated to the observation of the night sky on Mount Vermenone.


The circus art festival which takes place in mid-August with numerous artists performing and giving the viewer unforgettable emotions. Also in August the cultural association “Valle Aperta” organizes the “Circus Laboratory” for children, with playful and psychomotor activities.

Castello Festival

Held in the hamlet of Castello, municipality of Fiuminata, for decades, the festival takes place along the alleys of the village giving life to the most characteristic corners. You can taste typical dishes of the region, including pence (a type of pasta made from bread dough) and wood-fired crescia stuffed with cured meat, cheeses and […]

Antique Night Market

A night market where you can admire and/or buy antique, collectable and artistic handcrafted items. It takes place every Monday in the month of August.

River Shrimp Festival

An old story tells that a shrimp miraculously appeared on the altar of the parish dedicated to St. Anthony after a disastrous flood. Following this episode, in 1596, it is said that a votive altar had been erected at the expense of the community, then later removed at the end of the 1700s. It is […]

San Severino Blues Festival

This festival is one of the most famous events of the music scene in central Italy and from 1991 it has seen performances of the world’s greatest blues, rock and soul singers, such as Patti Smith, Joe Louis Walker, Nora Jean Bruso and Lurrie Bell.

Challenge of the Bracelet

Derived from the game of the rope ball, the game of the ball and the bracelet is one of the oldest Italian national sports. It is played in teams of three: one battitore (hitter), one spalla (shoulder) and one terzino (fullback). The aim is to beat a ball from one half of the field to […]