Tour of the Cyclamen

Tour of the Cyclamen

Departure: Serripola
Arrival: Serripola

From the hamlet of Serripola, where it is advisable to leave the car, head towardsSerripola Pineta passing through Tabbiano.

Here we meet a short stretch with a considerable slope, but given the asphalt surface, it is considered feasible for all those who have a minimum of bike training.

Continue to the right, following a comfortable forest road, until you meet an obvious sign with the words: Cyclamen.

Take the path that climbs slightly until it enters the wood, which in spring is colored withwild cyclamen.

After about a km, go up the meadow on the left and take the road again, up to the intersection near the Dosso Vallonica, where you turn left towards Tufano.

After about 100 meters you will find a gate where you have to let your bike pass through the pedestrian crossing, continue downhill until, when you arrive at the stables with a dwelling, you have to go left and follow the comfortable forest road that will take you back comfortably to Serripola.

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