Art Deposit “Diotallevi di Angeluccio”

Art Deposit “Diotallevi di Angeluccio”

Art Deposit “Diotallevi di Angeluccio”
+39 0737 54122 int. 7 (Comune di Fiuminata)
Via G. D’Annunzio 33, Fiuminata

Open upon request

Significantly named after the local painter Diotallevi di Angeluccio (active in the second half of the 14th century in the upper Potenza valley) and set up in 2003 in a large room in Palazzo Lori, the equipped warehouse of Fiuminata was set up to safeguard the numerous works of art scattered in the churches of the city and the territory. It consists in works of art with a sacred subject, of a strong devotional character, closely linked to the religiousness of the places.

In this regard, it is interesting to point out the presence of two paintings (one from the 16th century from the parish church of Poggio Sorifa, the other from the 18th century from the parish church of San Cassiano) both representing the Madonna del Rosario. This iconographic subject was born within the Dominican order, following a vision had by St. Dominic and it developed above all after the victory of Lepanto in 1571 (which took place under the protection of this particular Virgin). It then spread widely, even in the Marche region, in relation to worship and practice of the rosary.

In addition to a coherent group of 16th century canvases from the church of S. Pietro di Pontile (the Marriage of the Virgin, a Martyr and a Saint Mary Magdalene), among other pieces, a wooden Tabernacle (from the church of S. Cassiano) also found space in the Deposit, as also an 18th century bell (from the ruined church of the Castagna hamlet) and a 17th century silver chalice (from the church of S. Maria Assunta). Being therefore a crucial territorial deposit, the collection also plays the important function of “compensation museum“, in its attempt to rebuild and show the cultural faces (“facies”) of Fiuminata through the centuries.

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