Esino River Water Springs Park

Esino River Water Springs Park

Esino River Water Springs Park

Difficulty: Tourist (T)
Lenght: 9 km
Departure: Esanatoglia (first stretch can also be done by car)
Arrival: Esino River water springs

Where does the Esino River start? An excursion also suitable for children will take you near the sources of the river, whose name, according to a legend, seems to be linked to Esus, the Celtic god of war, and on whose banks it is said that a community was built in Roman times called “Aesa”.

We are in the municipality of Esanatoglia, ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN ITALY. It is a Municipality in the province of Macerata, Marche and it was awarded the Spighe Verdi per l’Ambiente.

The starting point of the path to reach the springs is not far from the city center. From the village just follow, with your car, the signs for “Sorgenti dell’Esino” (Esino water springs). You will immediately notice that you are walking along the road that runs along the course of the river. Once you meet the clearly visible sign, you can park your car on the right of the paved road, which welcomes you with the indications of the Esatrail project. Using one of the wooden walkways, cross the river and start enjoying the walk. If you prefer, you can also continue on foot on the paved road.

The river will keep you company throughout the route and just “go up” it to discover its sources. After a few hundred meters, you will find yourself walking along a comfortable cart track where you will notice numerous detours to discover the mountains around Esanatoglia, but you will always have to continue straight.

As you walk, you will always meet the signs with the indication for the springs and the kilometers left to reach them. From the starting point you will walk for about 4.5 kilometers (one way only).

The path will become narrower and narrower and the forest will slowly envelop you. Just before arriving at the springs, you can make a detour to the right and, in less than a minute, arrive at the ruins of the ancient church of San Pietro (you will find the sign indicating the direction).

To reach the springs, you will need to help with a rope fixed in the rock, for a steep stretch. So, mind your experience before venturing out! We do not recommend traveling this stretch with the little ones.We assure you that the gorge itself is an excellent point of arrival: you will be enchanted by the imposing rock wall.

The return includes the same itinerary (so you will travel about 9 km in total) and you can then enjoy a pleasant stop in the area equipped with tables and benches, right where you left the car.


Esatrail Project


Some volunteers have managed to unearth ancient paths and have made an appropriate signage and a map of the paths, which you can find along the way. In fact, a postcard box has been placed on one of the information signs, where you can take the map of the trekking and mountain biking trails, made in 2019, for free. The trails are well marked and well maintained.

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