Centuries-old trees in San Severino

Centuries-old trees in San Severino

In San Severino Marche nature is not lacking. And since it is well rooted in this flourishing territory, while walking you can meet elegant and imposing trees.

In Berta (San Severino Marche) there is an oak tree of considerable size and about 200 years old.

While the most beautiful tree of the Public Gardens of San Severino is certainly the monumental Cedar of Lebanon, of about 130/150 years.

For beech trees, on the other hand, you can find specimens of beech trees so majestic that they are called “large beech trees“.

The splendid White Poplar of Agello is the largest of its kind of the Marche region, for its circumference of the trunk.

Last but not least, the elm tree located in Caruccio is certainly a specimen of undoubted interest, especially to be very resistant to “graphiosis”, a common and aggressive disease of these trees.

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