San Martino Church and Watersprings

San Martino Church and Watersprings

San Martino Church and Watersprings

The Church of San Martino has medieval origins and its first memories date back to 1233. Rebuilt and enlarged several times (in 1311, in 1493), it was erected as a collegiate church by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese.

Its interior houses a rich decorative apparatus. There you can admire a sculptural group composed of the Immaculate, St. Anne, St. Joachim, St. Joseph and St. John the Baptist of 1631, a choir of the mid-17th century and a small house surmounted by the Virgin Lauretana of the second half of the 16th century.


Fuori Porta Watersprings (also known and Borgo Watersprings or Saint Martino Watersprings)


Once called Fonti di Fuori Porta, it represents a rare example of 14th-century hydraulic work still fully functional.

The water installation dates back to the 12th century and is characterized by the complex engineering system of collection of the aquifer, today still fully functional. The two tanks below the two round arches in local stone differ in their use, one intended for humans, the other for animals.

In 1868 the brick masonry porch was demolished through which the fountain and the public weighing of Esanatoglia were accessed.

Around 1970 the source was restored and for the occasion the access ramp was also redone, originally in sandstone and full width.

With the 1997 earthquake funds, the entire water system, the wall parts and the staircase have been recovered and today, thanks to the restoration and modification works, they are used as a splendid amphitheater in the city center for shows and particularly suggestive events.

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