Romitella of Campottone

Romitella of Campottone

Romitella of Campottone

Loc. Campottone

Founded in 1313 by Meruzio di Monalduccio dei Nobili di Somaregia, in the past it contained many frescoes that were already in a state of ruin in the 16th century, as shown by the documentation of the time.

The Hermitage rises not far from the town, inside a suggestive little valley.

The Romanesque style church was initially dedicated to S. Michele Arcangelo, only later was it dedicated to the SS. Crucifix. It was part of the Tangani Fortress (Campattone was its village), built on the spur overlooking the church, at a height of 922 meters, a refuge for feudal lords in perennial conflict with neighboring municipalities.

After being abandoned it fell apart; the ruins are covered with woods. To date it has been rebuilt, with a single nave and bare walls.

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