Palazzo Puccetti

Palazzo Puccetti

Via Castiglioni 34, Cingoli


Elegant noble building in Cingoli located in the ancient Spineto district.

Originally home to the Blancatelli family who vanished in the second half of the 17th century, it was bought around 1680 by jurist Bartolomeo Puccetti and later rebuilt in its current structure by his son, Pio Giovanni, after becoming gonfalonier in 1719.

The palace’s facade, which shadows a large portion of a square, presents a fine portal decorated by two superb telamons carved in stone.

On the sides of the entrance hall four doors are simmetrically distributed, decorated with coats of arms depicting matrimonial alliances of the noble families of the time.

Once crossed the hall, and an elegant, wrought iron door with stained glasses, Liberty style, you will have access to a suggestive Italian-style hanging garden. It is adorned with flower beds, flower boxes, statues and water points. It is a hidden treasure of this kind of architecture of the 18th century.

Besides the vintage furniture, the main floor presents original wall decorations and majestic paintings in many rooms.

It is now a private home.

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