Path “Li Vurgacci”

Path “Li Vurgacci”

Path “Li Vurgacci”

Duration: 1 h
Elevation: +119 m
Difficulty: Tourist (T)
Lenght: 2 km
Departure: SHORT ROUTE: start from the center of Pioraco; LONG ROUTE: can access from a path between the Church of Madonna della Grotta and the Marmone Bridge.
Arrival: Pioraco City Center

Where the waters of the Potenza river pass through Pioraco, a series of waterfalls, gorges, pits and gorges created by years and years of erosion are created by what seems to be magic: this is where the Path of “Li Vurgacci” begins. The pedestrian path on wooden bridges and walkways winds about 500 meters along the banks of the river.

The path has two accesses:

  • Short route. The short route starts from the city center. Arriving from the information point or the Roman bridge on foot, you have to walk along a stretch of Via Gramsci and then turn left. At the newsstand just continue following the signs of the path.


  • Long and scenic route. It starts near the wonderful Madonna della Grotta and climbs the mountain above. Once you get to the top, near the cross, you have a beautiful view of Pioraco. The route, which is a little more adventurous and has wider differences in height than the other, does not last more than 45 minutes or an hour max.

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