Path 206A from Crossodromo to the Church of Madonna del Monte

Path 206A from Crossodromo to the Church of Madonna del Monte

Path 206A from Crossodromo to the Church of Madonna del Monte

Elevation: 420 m
Difficulty: Hiking (E)
Lenght: 5,2 km
Departure: Crossodromo, San Severino Marche
Arrival: Church-Refuge of the Madonna della Neve

The itinerary starts from the Crossodromo car park (barrier with indication “Entrance to the track”), along a stony path that climbs the right side of the track for its entire length, until it meets a more comfortable forest road.

Taking the road towards the right, follow it for a good stretch through a coppice forest, first on the flat, then uphill more and more steeply; ignoring a series of service roads you pass a series of forks in the route (follow the signs on the left) and then you reach the locality “i Pantanacci”.

Continuing the natural course of the road, you will reach a clearing surrounded by woods from which the enormous wind turbines appear for the first time on the right.

Leaving the wind turbines behind you, cross the clearing until you take an easy path that cuts the mountain side flat through an oak grove of turkey oaks and downy oaks.

After a few hundred meters the path intersects a driveway dirt road that runs alongside the cultivated
meadows, turning sharply to the right you go up this road until you pass a short stretch of meadows and crops and reach a wood.

You will follow the easy road that runs along the wood for a short distance until you cross a narrow and suggestive path (pay attention to the signs on the right) that goes into the woods until it intersects another larger one which, following the right direction, will lead you, on an increasingly evident track, to an intersection of several roads intersecting the path of path 206.

Going along the dirt road that leads towards the wind turbines, after about 20 minutes you will arrive at the church-refuge of the Madonna della Neve located at 788 m asl.

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