Malcavalca Palace

Malcavalca Palace

We can observe several documents on the characteristics of the territory in the Middle Ages. Documentation regarding Palazzo di Esanatoglia is also consistent, regarding its origins and how it was preserved until now.

“the Castle (of S. Maria) with all its appurtenances particularly with that part of the territory that extended from the top of Mount Pero in a straight line to the Mountains of Somaregia, then to the fosso di Cafagio up to Santanatolia, and from there to the river of Acujano (usque in rivum acujani)” reserving the patronage so much of the church of S. Maria , as of that of S. Biagio and San Salvatore of the valley of Acujano, of the Villa that is, of the Palace of Esanatoglia”.

A certain Raniero Malcavalca della Rocca is among the consuls or podestà of Matelica in 1213, an aspect that would emphasize how the Malcavalca/Cavalca had possessions close to Matelica.
To reinforce the hypothesis of the Cavalca, we still have today the most significant building, the Palace, bears their name.

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