Regional Nature Reserve of Mt. San Vicino and Mt. Canfaito

Regional Nature Reserve of Mt. San Vicino and Mt. Canfaito

Regional Nature Reserve of Mt. San Vicino and Mt. Canfaito

It is the youngest nature reserve in the Marche region, established in 2009. The area extends for about 1500 hectares between the municipalities of San Severino, Matelica, Apiro and Gagliole, in the province of Macerata.

The reserve, characterized by massive limestone formations of the Upper Triassic, includes in addition to Mount San Vicino (1,045 m), also the plateau of Canfaito, located on the mount’s slopes.


As far as the landscape is concerned, its value is to be linked to the presence of a scenic flat ridge area, with relatively large wooded areas, alternating with pastures, which together constitute a particularly sweet and harmonious landscape.

Also of importance are the anthropological and archaeological values ​​given by caves, ravines and under-rock shelters inhabited since prehistoric times and in which ancient tools and stone tools have also been found.


As far as the flora is concerned, the area is interesting for the presence ofScilla bifolia, Crocus neapolitanus, Anemone ranuncoloides, Cardamine bulbifera, C. enneaphyllos, and other examples of bushes and herbaceous vegetation.


From the faunal point of view, you could meetfascinating animals such as wolf, roe deer, wild cat, eagle owl, peregrine falcon and red woodpecker.


But the predominant species in terms of extension and beauty throughout the whole reserve is thebeech.

In the wooded areas of both mountains there are huge beech woods, suggestive and the destination for manyphotography enthusiasts:the low and sturdy trunks open like umbrellas, with branches of the same color of mohogany, pumpkin or the young wines, distilled in this period. In additions, the sun’s rays softly filter through the trees’ dense foliage, creating a suspended atmosphere that seems to make the centuries-old age of many specimens tangible.


In such a reserve, there is no better way to experience its beech forest and other treasures than to go on an adventure through a rich net of paths: from the easier ones and the easy routes till the more adrenaline-filled ones, there are a lot of experiences for everyone!


Nature is waiting for you! Find out all the reserve’s natural beauties and outdoor journeys.

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