Path of the Moai

Path of the Moai

Duration: 4 h
Elevation: +500 m
Difficulty: Hiking (E)
Lenght: 10 km
Departure: Fiuminata
Arrival: Mount Rapina

The Moai of Mount Rapina is a wooden sculpture made by volunteers from Esatrail, the cycling group of Esanatoglia.

Mount Rapina is 982m high, set between Prato Pero and the meadows of Colle Puro. The name derives from the legend that from the top of the mountain the brigands guarded from above the Via Prolaquense, an ancient Roman road that ran through the valley, in order to plunder the caravans from precious goods. From the moment the Moai started guarding the area, there’s been no trace of brigands ever since.

Wellspring along the way: Fontanella di Colle.



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