Loop Fiuminata – Spindoli Fortress

Loop Fiuminata – Spindoli Fortress

Loop Fiuminata – Spindoli Fortress

Duration: 4 h
Elevation: +500 m
Difficulty: Hiking (E)
Lenght: 10 km
Departure: Fiuminata
Arrival: Fiuminata

The Spindoli Fortress is a medieval military structure erected above a spur of rock above Spoindoli.

The artifact is mentioned in documents from 1308 and 1318 when Rodolfo II Varano bequeathed the property to his heirs. The first structure probably dates back to the 11th century, and it was later expanded according to the needs of the time. Visiting the site is recommended for hikers who want to take a dip in the past.

The wellsprings along the way are: Fonte Merennino, Fonte Dell’Acera, Fonte Rocca di Spindoli, Fonte di Spindoli.


For more information, contact Pro Loco Fiuminata or Comune di Fiuminata.

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