Great Loop of Mount Pennino

Great Loop of Mount Pennino

Great Loop of Mount Pennino

Duration: 6,00 h
Elevation: +900 m
Lenght: 16 km

Mount Pennino is 1571 meters high and is the highest mountain in the territory of the municipality of Fiuminata, with the West side of the mountain belonging to the Umbria region. Its name results from Penn, god of Celtic culture that literally means peak.

The wellsprings along the trail are: Fontanile Laverinello, Fonte Colle Romita, Fonte le Fonticelle.


Attention! The trail is not well-signposted along the entire route. So it suggests picking up a good hiking map or relying on a hiking guide.


For more information, contact Pro Loco Fiuminata or Comune di Fiuminata.

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