Mount Gemmo

Mount Gemmo

Mount Gemmo is a mountain range that rises to a maximum altitude of 1202 meters a.s.l., bordering the municipalities of Matelica, Castelraimondo, Pioraco, Fiuminata and Esanatoglia.

The range is composed of three mountains: Mount Tre Pizzi, Mount Pizzo Torto and Mount Gemmo.

At about 1000-1100 meters a.s.l., the area is covered by coppices, lawns, pastures and rocky pastures.

Not only the wonderful views compose the beauty of landscapes: in fact, usually in May the visitor can admire a fascinating bloom.

Mount Gemmo is also well-known as a place to practice hang-gliding and paragliding, making a good starting point for take off.

The wellsprings on Mount Gemmo are: Fontanella di San Paolo, Orpiano, Fonti Le Trocche and Quadreggiana.

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