Franciscan Pathway

Franciscan Pathway

Duration: 4h (one-way only)
Elevation: +450 m
Difficulty: Tourist (T)
Lenght: >10 km
Departure: coming from Ancagliano
Arrival: going towards Chigiano

The above characteristics refer to the stretch of path represented in paper on the stretch that crosses the territory of Gagliole.

Stretch of the Franciscan Pathway that connects Assisi and Loreto, retracing the path of St. Francis of Assisi.

It crosses the entire territory of Gagliole, skirting the town to continue along the road that leads to the Elce Valley, immersed in the woods, and it reaches the Sanctuary of Madonna delle Macchie. From here, go up the slope of Mount Pormicio until you reach the CAI hut (at an altitude of 843m). Cross the secondary grasslands that characterize the top of the mountain, then continue in the direction of Chigiano.

The presence of numerous connecting routes offers the possibility to also cover portions of this path. For the most part, the path consists in a gravel road, suitable for both horseriding and bikes.


To view the trail map visit the site of the Natural Museum of Gagliole.

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