Fortress of the Castrum

Fortress of the Castrum

Fortress of the Castrum

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The Roccone (Rocca del castrum) is an ancient watchtower located in a dominant and suggestive position, on the side of Mount Corsegno.

This structure belonged to the 14th-century circle of the walls of the municipality of Santa Anatolia and had already been depicted in a parchment of the 16th century as a fortification of considerable architectural value, distributed on three overlapping levels.

The lowest order was formed by a mighty polygonal base with angular spurs and summit walkway, at the base of which the city walls were grafted; above this was placed a tower with an apparently square base surmounted, finally, by a slender watchtower.

With the passing of the centuries, the original structure, for lack of restoration and maintenance, has been reduced to the state of ruin and only with the last restoration work in 2011 has been consolidated and today it is usable up to its top.

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