Path of the Forest Service

Path of the Forest Service

Duration: 2,30 h
Lenght: 26 km
Departure: San Severino Marche train station
Arrival: San Severino Marche

Path that the forest service used to cover for the control of poaching.

  • The starting point is the station square. You then cross the level crossing and continue towards the hamlet of Serripola.
  • After crossing the town, pass in front of the cemetery, pass the barrier and immediately turn right.
  • Continue to the farm and take the road on the right, slightly uphill, keep going up ignoring the barrier to the gate and pass it. At this point continue left and climb up to Mount Faeto. If you want, take a look at the view and rest.
  • At this point continue slightly downhill (watch out for the trucks) to the crossroads and turn right, descend to the town of Stigliano.
  • Find the intersection for Serripola and take the path alongside, never leave the main road until you reach the shed on a slight slope.
  • At the shed, you walk downhill to the stream and abruptly go up to the house, at this point take the gravel road and return to San Severino Marche from the road you prefer.

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