Endurance Trail

Endurance Trail

Duration: 2,30 h
Lenght: 28 km
Departure: Municipal Stadium, San Severino Marche
Arrival: San Severino Marche

Called Endurance route because it consists of old routes of motorcyclists from San Severino.

  • The starting point is the municipal stadium. Go towards Serrapetrona, for about two km, after reaching an old spring in a curve, turn right.
  • Continue on a plain slight slope, cross a field and after a challenging stretch turn left.
  • Go up the asphalted stretch on the left up to the cross track, still on the left. Now the most challenging stretch begins.
  • Climb up to the plain, follow it up to the beginning of the wood and then climb again. Now you can rest.
  • Continue on a slight slope up to the church of Villa Aria, slightly uphill and down towards the town.
  • At this point, go up the paved road to the top, keep an eye on the view and take the road on the right, near the fence.
  • Ignore the other roads until the descent. Take the right path, but beware the bumpy and stony route. Go down again to the cemetery below the village of Crispiero,
  • after the cemetery turn right and always keep to the left, aiming for the ruined tower until you arrive.
  • At this point you have to go down the path to the right before the tower, beware of many stones and uneven ground. Continue to the end, go up a little, then go down again to the left.
  • At this point, walk along the river and return to the town (at the level crossing you have two options either straight for the river or a paved road).

In case of rain, from the starting point after the sports field, towards Serrapetrona, on the right you go up to the cross field, the rest does not change.

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