Bikeway Spindoli-Sefro

Bikeway Spindoli-Sefro

Bikeway Spindoli-Sefro

Duration: 1 h
Elevation: 30 m
Difficulty: Tourist (T)
Lenght: 5,5 km
Departure: “Ponticello di Spindoli” or San Cassiano Bridge
Arrival: Pioraco - Sefro

Starting from Spindoli, a small village in the municipality of Fiuminata, crossing the pedestrian “bridge”, it is possible to reach Sefro along the path of the Potenza and Scarzito rivers.

The path is completely shaded and the crystal-clear water that flows along the rivers gives refreshment on the hottest days.

From Spindoli to the San Cassiano Bridge, the itinerary follows along the natural banks of river Potenza. It then follows along the bikeway of Costa Elettra, a complementary asphalted stretch that leads directly to Pioraco.

Once in Pioraco, the route follows the Scarsito river along the Franciscan pathway at the foot of Mount Gualdo.

If you don’t want to walk all the way, you can always shorten it starting from one of the villages and hamlets that are along the way: the result will still be pleasant!

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