Church of Saint Paolo

Church of Saint Paolo

Church of Saint Paolo

Erected along the West-East route, on the slopes of the mountain that rises North of the hamlet of Orpiano, immersed in the green woodland and reachable only on foot via a beaten path, the small Church of San Paolo looks like a not very high building, more developed along its longitudinal axis, with the South front as the main entrance opening, placed at the left end, and three windows: the remaining facades are blind.

The original layout can be traced back to the 15th century, but the current conformation is the result of the expansion carried out in 1860 and the restoration after the 1997 earthquake. In front of the church, a fenced hillock with a wooden fence overlooks the valley below.




A modest single rectangular hall completely plastered in white, the roofing elements of which are left exposed, illuminated by natural light thanks to the three small rectangular windows positioned on the South front, is separated from the sacristy compartment by the back wall that was once the terminal wall of the entire construction. The back wall houses the 19th-century fresco of the Crucifixion with Saints Peter and Paul, flanked by two other smaller paintings on the sides depicting the Madonna with Child and St. Joseph.

Under the Crucifixion, a pre-conciliar altar with tabernacle contrasts with the contemporary movable wooden altar placed in the center of the presbytery.

The sacristy behind it was added with an extension dating back to 1860 as reported by the brick walled tile on the facade.

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