Church and Monastery of Saint Maria Maddalena – Retirement Home Esanatoglia

Church and Monastery of Saint Maria Maddalena – Retirement Home Esanatoglia

Church and Monastery of Saint Maria Maddalena – Retirement Home Esanatoglia

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The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena is a small treasure chest, in fact it houses a valuable painting, the Crucifixion, on the main altar, two still lifes of Flemish origin and a wooden Cantoria historiated and painted with scenes from the life of the Saints, where there are still the gratings that prevented the Poor Clares from being seen.

The original building of the church of Santa Maria Maddalena was probably built during the 18th century by Benedictine nuns dependent on the Abbey of S. Angelo infra hostia. In the statutes of Santa Anatolia of 1324 is mentioned the church of Santa Maria Madalena de Ynsula, to which the municipality itself gives a monetary and wax contribution every year.

The current church, demolished the medieval one, was built during the late 17th century. To the same period belongs the choir. Of particular value are the choir placed on the counter-facade, built in the 18th century. In the 16th century are frescoed some internal walls of the monastery.


The monastery of Benedictine nuns of Santa Maria Maddalena arose in the 13th century, affiliated to the abbey of Sant’Angelo “Infra Ostia”.

The first news comes from the statutes of 1324 in which the church is called Santa Maria Maddalena de Insula. Historical documents make no mention of the architectural structure. We certainly know that from the 16th century the girls of the most important families of the village were welcomed into the monastery to receive an education or to stay there. During a pastoral visit made in 1670, Cardinal Franzoni pointed out the presence in the monastery of 28 nuns, cloistered Poor Clares, including converse sisters.

At the beginning of the 20th century the religious abandoned the structure, which was later transformed into a hospital and today is a comfortable retirement home.

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