Church of Saint Cassiano

Church of Saint Cassiano

Church of Saint Cassiano

The Church of San Cassiano,from which the village of houses that surround it also takes its name, is a simple construction made up of two rectangular bodies – the main is the hall and the lower is the sacristy – to which the square-based bell tower must be added. It overlooks, with two of the three free sides, the main sloping widening of this hamlet of Fiuminata.

Since it’s the head building of the buildings that delimit the steep slope leading to the upper part of the village, its main South-West elevation, uniquely marked by the openings of the door with frame and entablature in brick and overlying oculus also framed in bricks, differs from those of other churches in the area exclusively so as not to culminate with a gabled roof: a single pitch, in fact, starts leaning against the construction to the right of the prospectus and runs parallel to the road slope up to the transport on the void.




The hall is covered with a barrel vault in camorcanna set on a lowered arch and extruded along the entire length; naturally illuminated, as well as by the oculus of the facade, by the two windows placed high on the North-West wall; rhythmically marked on the side walls by pilasters placed at regular intervals on which runs a hint of decorative entablature. The latter, always supported by pilasters that frame the accesses to the sacristy and the niches above them, finds full manifestation on the sides of the back wall.

The presbytery,raised by one step from the floor of the hall, houses a contemporary masonry altar at its center. Two other altars, now removed and replaced with stone bases supporting two statues, must have been present in the center of the side walls of the hall: this suggests the recesses made in the wall surface and bordered with arches and piers.

Placed at the level of the presbytery behind the altar, framed by a triumphal arch and decorated in elevation with pilasters and lozenges extended to the overhanging basin in camorcanna, a small apse characterizes the center of the back wall that separates the hall from the sacristy and houses the its internal pre-conciliar altar and dossal surmounted by the niche in which a statue of the Madonna is kept.

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