Dolores Prato Academic Facility

Dolores Prato Academic Facility

Dolores Prato Academic Facility
+39 0733 215919 – +39 0733 217357 (Pro Loco) | +39 0733 218711 (Michela Pagnanini)
Piazza Don Pacifico Arcangeli 1 (interno al Teatro)

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The “Dolores Prato” Academic Facility is housed within the Municipal Theater.

It was concieved as a place for the enhancement of the works of one of the greatest Italian writers of the 20th century, Dolore Prato, who spent her childhood and adolescence right here in Treia.

The city is the “main character” of her famous book “Giù la piazza non c’è nessuno” (There is no one down the square), where she describes in detail her childhood and the peculiarities of this village.

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