Braccano – Land of Murals

Braccano – Land of Murals

Braccano – Land of Murals

Loc. Braccano, Matelica

Braccano (formerly called Villa Blacani) is the largest hamlet of Matelica, and it has risen to prominence for its murals.

Located at 454 meters asl in an environment of extraordinary beauty, it is bathed by the homonymous stream that descends from the Abbey of Roti, has medieval origins and is very characteristic for its urban connotation, somewhat intact.

It is a delightful village located on the road that leads from Matelica to Mount San Vicino, which with its profile stands out unmistakably from several kilometers away. It is a strategic starting point for enchanting nature excursions, towards the Regional Nature Reserve of Mount San Vicino and Canfaito.

Between one house and another you can walk quietly in search of murals. The murals have been created over the years, curated by students of the Academies of Brera, Macerata, Urbino and by other established artists. Since May 2016, Braccano has been enriched with 27 new murals, thus increasing the number of the existing works. The purpose of the murals is the embellishment of the village, they are very colorful, different in shape, size, subject and with different pictorial techniques. Since 2001 the hamlet has been part of theItalian Association of Painted Countries, established in Rome in 1944, which brings together all the Italian locations where works of wall art have become their peculiar feature.

Braccano is a real open-air art gallery, completely free and that allows visitor to immerse themselves in an absolutely suggestive and picturesque environment. The characteristic feature of the Braccano murals, unlike other “painted countries”, lies in the fact that there is no defined theme. The artists were able to express themselves freely according to their inspiration, taken from the place, a story, an event or simply a passion of the owner of the house. Thus giving life to a fantastic, cheerful and colorful village.

It should be noted that, depending on the time of day when they are observed, the murals change the intensity of the colors, offering the observer new nuances to grasp.

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