Manufacture and electricity Museum – Borgo Conce

Manufacture and electricity Museum – Borgo Conce

Manufacture and electricity Museum – Borgo Conce
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Located below the city walls of the old town, the ancient Borgo Conce is characterized by several water canals and a series of buildings which served as small industries of wool and silk, but also tanneries, leather-processing and fabric-dyeing factories, paper mills, workshops producing brass and gold items, private mills and oil mills.

In the 13th century, exploiting the water naturally provided by the near Potenza River and a small artificial canal, the “Vallato”, the small burgh turned into a main manufacturing centre, giving rise to the economic expansion of the city.

During the 17th-18th century, this small industrial hub was progressively abandoned, due to the relentless expansion of the city towards other venues.

The importance of this proto-industrial hub and its tight link between local hydroelectric energy and manufacture is back stronger than ever with the creation of the “Manufacture and electricity Museum”, composed by three former hydroelectric power plants located in the homonymous burg. The museum bears witness of the popular culture, the livelihood and industrial evolution of San Severino Marche.

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