Basilica of Saint Lorenzo in Doliolo

Basilica of Saint Lorenzo in Doliolo

Basilica of Saint Lorenzo in Doliolo

Via Salimbeni 71, San Severino Marche

From Monday to Sunday 9.00-18.30

It is one of the oldest basilicas in the city, whose name derives from the Latin term “doliolum”, a sort of wineskin used by monks for the offering of wine to the poor.

The structure was founded by the Basilian monks on the site where, according to tradition, a temple dedicated to the Italic deity Feronia was erected (2nd century). The construction dates back to the 11th-12th century, but subsequent changes have been significantly made over the years. Of particular interest is the bell tower with mullioned windows (14th century) with the ancient Romanesque portal at the base.

The interior has three naves, with a raised presbytery above the beautiful crypt, covered by sail vaults that still preserves the traces of the frescoes depicting the stories of Sant’ Andrea executed by the Salimbeni brothers.

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