Providers of Experiences and Accommodation Facilities

The “Cuore di Marche” project is designed for tourist accommodation operators of the Unione Montana Potenza Esino Musone, as a tool to strengthen their competitiveness on the tourism market.

It is an integrated booking management system for tourist experiences and hospitality services.

If your wish is to offer unique activities to your guests, by signing up on the “Cuore di Marche” platform you can:

  • Have access to your private area and upload your activity sheet;
  • Create your tailor-made tourist experience (e.g. a tasting, an artisan workshop, an excursion, whatever you want), also being able to count on many models designed for your business;
  • Selling your experience directly without any third parties involved and thus reaching all possible customers;
  • Dedicate specific promotions for guests of local accommodation facilities and for travel agents and tour operators, so as to encourage the purchase of your experience;
  • Decide whether to cash out what you earn online or get paid directly on site;
  • Choose whether to accept the reservation, decline it or propose an alternative date, through a very practical messaging system;
  • Update your data and the contents of your experience at any time. You can also choose to propose multiple experiences at the same time.

If, on the other hand, you are the owner of an accommodation facility, by subscribing to the “Cuore di Marche” platform you can:

  • Have access to your private area and upload your activity sheet;
  • Be listed on the “Cuore di Marche” website, in the section dedicated to hosts and accommodation facilities;
  • Purchase the region’s best experiences on behalf of your guests;
  • Select the available experiences to create real tourist packages to be offered on the market and then choose whether to confirm the purchase of the experience;
  • Update your data and the contents of your activity sheet at any time.

And it doesn’t stop there!
The Unione Montana Potenza Esino Musone (Potenza-Esino-Musone Mountain Union) supports all local operators mette with the Centro per l’innovazione dell’imprenditorialità turistica, or CIT (Center for Tourism Entrepeneurship Innovation). The CIT, curated by Expirit Srl., is the national digital helpdesk for tourism mentoring and e-coaching. CIT is helpful to strengthen local tour operators’ skills and to make them more competitive. CIT is thought for everyone working in the tourist sectors, from hosts to cultural events organizers, restoration, agri-food, handicraft, promoters of local events and for aspiring local operators of the Potenza-Esino-Musone Mountain Union.
CIT is curated by professionals working the domains of tourism and culture, who will help you in:
• uploading contents and managing them through the platform (registration, upload of your products, availability management, upload of photos, texts and so on);
• experience design and marketing strategies (online, offline, copywriting, advertising and marketing, etc.) for your experience.
CIT experts are available every week (holidays excluded) from December 2021 to May 2022, from Monday to Thursday, from 17.00 to 18.00.
The mentoring service is available through phone or videocall.
For more information and bookings, please contact us at +39 0733 19 60 768

For further information it is possible to contact us at or call us at +39 0733 19 60 768