Chienti Cycle Route

Tolentino: an enchanting place where get lost cuddled in a unique hospitality

Inhabited since the Mesolithic period, the city has Picene and Roman origins. Elevated to the rank of City in 1585, Tolentino has witnessed two important historical events linked to Napoleon: the Peace Treaty of 1797 and the Battle of Tolentino in 1815. It is worth visiting the Basilica of San Nicola with the “Cappellone”, the Palazzo Parisani-Bezzi with the Sale Napoleoniche, the Vaccaj Theater, the Castello della Rancia and the Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra. Tolentino also hosts interesting museums including the Museum of Humor, and Santa Lucia spa.

Tolentino bike routes

Must-see places in Tolentino

Castello della Rancia

Clocks Tower

Devil’s Bridge

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