Chienti Cycle Route

You are crossing the territory of Petriolo

Nestled at an altitude of 271 m. between the Fiastra Valley and the Cremone Valley, Petriolo has an enchanting position, whose view sweeps from the Sibillini Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. It dates back to 957 A.D., where a fundo Peturiolo appears for the first time in a document from the Abbey of Farfa. The historical center, a real medieval village, is characterized by the suggestive “Torrione” built in 1526-29, a singular military fortification among the most important ones of the whole Region.

Must-see places in Petriolo

Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso

“Diego De Minicis” Museum

“Mons. Marcello Manfroni” Museum of processional woods

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Misericordia

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