Esino Cycle Route

A journey through the enchantment of places, colors and flavors

Matelica rises in the Esino Valley. An ancient Picenum settlement, it was a Roman municipality, of which signs are still visible, such as the very rare spherical sundial over 2,000 years old. Heart of the city is Piazza E. Mattei, and the fountain of 1587, around which it is traditional to make seven turns to win the “mattu license”. It is the city of honey and Verdicchio DOC and DOCG wine, which has earned the coveted Spiga Verde award. Do not miss a visit to Braccano, with its murals, and the paths of the Natural Reserve of Mt. San Vicino and Canfaito.

Matelica bike routes

Must-see places in Matelica

Braccano Murals

“Giuseppe Piermarini” Municipal Theatre

Piazza “Enrico Mattei”

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