Esino Cycle Route

A gem set between water, history and nature

The burg lays on a hillside and is enclosed by robust castle walls. Streaming from the slopes of Mt. Cafaggio, River Esino glides below. Discover Esanatoglia’s surprising features and picturesque views, among medieval architecture and cobblestone alleys. You may visit the sevenfold towered old burg along the Corso that unfolds from Porta Sant’Andrea to Porta Panicale. Ride past Porta Panicale to cross into the unspoiled Valle di San Pietro valley. Its bountiful valleys brim with wild mushroom and truffle, vineyards yield Verdicchio di Matelica.

Esanatoglia bike routes

Must-see places in Esanatoglia

Church of St. Anatolia

Palazzo LAB

Saint Cataldo Hermitage

San Martino Fountain

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