Cerreto d’Esi

Esino Cycle Route

Castrum Cerreti

Cerreto d’Esi is a village situated between the slopes of Mt. San Vicino and the Esino River. The historic nucleus is delimited by original walls. The village has a layout that has remained unchanged over the centuries, it is characterized by a system of orthogonal axes similar to the Roman castra. Today it is possible to cross the original village by ancient streets like Cardo and Decumano. One of the most important buildings is the leaning tower named “Tower of Belisario”, built in the 8th century.

Cerreto d’Esi bike routes

Must-see places in Cerreto d’Esi

Church of Madonna della Venza – Loc. La Venza

Church of St. Leopardo Martire – Loc.Cerquete

Hermitage of St. Maria dell’Acquarella

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